The mice took down her refrigerator

For those of you living in or near the hills, or up in the North County, you have probably at one time or another had to deal with rodents getting in your appliances especially when they’re located in your outdoor patio or BBQ area. The mice can really do a lot of damage. I have one customer in East Escondido (not too far from the Wild Animal Park) that has had this problem again and again on her indoor refrigerator. First thing she noticed was water coming out from beneath the ref on the floor. I pulled the refrigerator out and found that mice had chewed through her icemaker and water service plastic lines in about 5 places.
I replaced the lines, spliced in new sections and everything was ok for about two weeks when she called again for the same problem. I thought I might have missed a spot or maybe a splice has come loose, but no, the mice chewed through the sections that I had just replaced earlier. (The mice also destroyed the lines to the dishwasher too. I remedied that with copper tubing, but on the refrigerator that kind of change-out wasn’t possible)
Anyway, I got everything working right again and advised her that she has to take a dead serious approach to getting the mice outside and keeping them out. She said she was going to have an exterminator out and I hope that will solve her problems for a long time, but that last call was only a couple weeks ago, and I guess we’ll see if the problem goes away. I’ll probably know within a few weeks….
Things you can try:
Put fine mesh metal screening anywhere that a rodent can crawl into the machine. Incidentally, they like the refrigerators in the winter because the running compressors keep them warm, but they WILL do damage once inside and often times they die in there too. No fun fishing out a dried-out mouse or rat carcass… really gross! I don’t mention it to my customers though- as it freaks out some of the ladies. So, I keep a plastic bag in my tool tote to carry out the remains without it being noticed. I will mention that mice HAD been there, and then recommend they make screens to keep them out and lay out traps or poison. Make darn SURE the poison is put out where your pets will never be able to get near it.
And it’s not only the water lines. Plastic drain lines too. An even electrical wiring, which is the problem I deal with in this video. If this helps, please comment and let us know!

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