A lot of folks are very satisfied with our services. We usually get about 90% repeat business and friend-referrals.

To all those kind enough to share your experiences, Thanks for your kind words!

Bob has helped us with not only our oven but also our refrigerator. Bob came out and quickly diagnosed that the oven had over heated when I used the self clean option. He fixed the oven with a $115 part after the manufacture told us we had to get a whole new oven. My oven is a double oven and I did not want to replace both units which was the only option.
Yesterday, Bob came and looked at the insulation on the back of our fridge which had been leaking and re-insulated it, stopping the leak all over my wood floor.

Bob is honest, prompt and knowledgeable.
Great guy!
Joanne T, Carlsbad, Ca.

My washing machine conked out!! There was a load of sheets sitting in water that wouldn’t drain, and it was time to call Bob!
He came out the next day and told me it would either be not too expensive, or I’d need a whole new washer. Guess which option I was hoping for.
He came out right on time, and spent an hour sitting on the floor of my laundry room, tinkering with whatever he was tinkering with. Turned out it was a faulty drum which is why the washer stopping spinning. He fixed it, I redid the laundry, and it cost me $125. Pretty cool.

So I don’t know what all these negative reviews are about. But when I see people reviewing who have almost no friends or reviews, I figure they were just having a bad day and wanted to vent.
I found Bob to be honest and helpful and he fixed my problem for a reasonable price. He also made some helpful comments about my kitchen appliances, which he can also fix. This is a guy who has been in the business for a long time and knows what he’s talking about.
Laura D, Carlsbad

Seriously, this guy knows his stuff! I have used Bob 4 times for 4 different problems -
Fisher-Paykel dishwasher, Kenmore Washer & Dryer, and GE refer…
Each time, quick fix, in & out, pleasant, reasonable ( I would have paid double
in a couple of emergencies!) Even left him with the job and my dog while I took
my son to taekwando! Trust me, there isn’t a better, more honest and fair appliance pro out there!
(anybody who gives him even a 4-star review has the wrong guy!)
Ed C, Del Mar

I’ve used Coastal Appliances many times over the years. They are reliable and professional with competitive prices. Bob has taught me many tricks on keeping my appliances in working order. When something goes wrong, he can usually diagnose it over the phone, then he gets the needed parts before he comes over, which can be a huge time saver. I recommend Coastal Appliances to all of my friends!!
Anne Marie K, Carlsbad, Ca.

We have one of those built-in, cabinet refrigerators. ~ Loved the look when we bought this place. When it started acting wiggy, then the freezer stopped freezing, we thought: Let’s just go buy a new one. Fun, huh? Until we discovered that this unique and fancy monster would cost us about $5000. In discussing our dilemma with our neighbor who has the same set up, she said, “You need to call Bob.” She went on to rave about him, saying he was the best.

We are glad that we took her advice. Bob was here on time, diagnosed the problem within minutes, and went to work fixing our refrigerator. For $138. (A $4862 savings from buying a new refrigerator.) He is sincerely nice, and spent time explaining and demonstrating how to care for our refrigerator in order to keep it running smoothly.

To top it all off, he offered treats to our rascal golden retriever who did not quite obey the command to “stay” out of the kitchen. Now, that’s service!
Katie L, San Diego

Knowledgeable, prompt, efficient. How very very refreshing!!! We had an Admiral washing machine with issues and Bob came out as promised –and on time– and immediately diagnosed the problem. It’s nice to know that you can still find a company who’s pricing is reasonable, knows its stuff, and cares about its customers. We will use Coastal Appliance in the future. So very different from the behemoth corporate-type services. signed: One pleasantly surprised customer.
Beatrice P. Carlsbad, Ca.

“Bob, Just a quick note to tell you how much we appreciate the work that you do for us. We have always been pleased with the quality of your work as well as your pricing and service. We have had several clients in past few months who wanted to tell us how impressed they were with your knowledge and professionalism. I’ve said it before that you are the ONLY appliance repairman that we call on anymore, and I can’t see that changing any time soon. Thanks for the good work. You make being a property manager an easy job.”
Greg M, People Helping Others Property Management
San Diego, Ca

“I met Bob by coincidence. We found a lost puppy together, and when I offered to take him to a vet to see if he had an I.D. implant, Bob immediately gave me his card because he wanted to pay any expenses I incurred– A great end to the story– found the owner and returned “Mohawk” to his family. Bob called me to see if there was anything further he could do. I immediately knew this was a man I could trust. He is prompt to respond, goes out of his way to help, and always follows through. I can always call on him and he tries to be available 7 days a week. Seems like problems occur Saturday afternoons and holidays… Hmm. Bob calls it like it is, and has told me some of my (older) appliances are really sturdy, because they were built better than many today. He always recommends what’s best for me, not his wallet.”
“Ro” K, Carlsbad, Ca

“I have used Coastal Appliance, Heating & A/C for approximately five years. I have been impressed by the personal touch, courtesy, promptness, neatness and quality of service they provide, and their prices have been very reasonable. Coastal Appliance has performed a variety of repairs for me, and in each instance I have been impressed with the breadth of their capability. I recommend them very highly!!”
Emil T,
Carlsbad, Ca

“Bob at Coastal Appliance has been our “go to” guy for all of our major appliance problems for the past 2 years. He is responsive, able, knowledgeable, resourceful, and kind to animals. Our dog loves him!”
Marge and Neal S,
La Jolla, Ca

“I recommend Coastal Appliance Services to any one who want fast, reliable and above all economical way to repair and service their house appliances. Thanks for the great service. Appreciate it very much.”
Sunil P
Poway, Ca

“Dear Bob,
A few weeks ago, we bought a Staber clothes washer at your recommendation. A few years earlier, we had bought a Neptune washer and dryer because they were supposed to be the”latest and greatest”. Unhappily, the Maytag Neptune washer had turned ot to be a bit of a bad buy, years after its warranty had expired.

The Staber washer you recommended holds a bit less laundry than the Neptune, but guess what, it gets done cleaner and faster. I am more than happy to do perhaps one extra load per month but to have it come out cleaner and dryer than it did with the Neptune. We are thrilled with our purchase. I get conscious pleasure from it every time I use it. It is simple, smart and powerful.

As for your service. We feel you are a permanent part of our personal team. You were incredible: a man of integrity, with purpose and competence above and beyond the call. We will NEVER call anyone else for help with our appliance and comfort issues.

I feel it is a piece of luck that you fell into our lives. The Staber washer is the ultimate answer to one of those recurring but fairly serious issues in a life. I love the way it washes my clothes, in good time. with power but not destructive power, and with

simplicity. I know we will be able to maintain this thing ourselves. it is a mechanical device, not an electronic mystery! Thank you once again for simplifying our lives.”

Daly J,
University City, Ca

Can’t thank you enough for the kind recommendation you made about our Whirlpool washer. You didnt have to mention that the wash tub had a 5 year warranty and we wouldn’t have known it. You could have charged us for a new tub and the repair to go with it, But instead, you called Whirlpool for us and set up a service call. I don’t know why you were so kind, but it didn’t go un-noticed. We will DEFINETLY have you back for other issues and our friends know all about your extroardinary kindness last week.”
Julie and Mike B,
Del Mar, Ca

“We enjoy Bob’s visits to our home. He gives our appliances his full attention and looks forward to doing the job as nicely as possible. It seems to me that going out to repair an appliance is one of life’s most difficult jobs. Bob is good at this formidable task. He enjoys sharing his gift with those individuals lucky enough to be his clients.
I mean it!”
Francis K,
La Jolla Colony

“Today we received a brand new Fisher & Paykel refrigerator to replace our 3 year old out of warranty one. The company replaced it free of charge. This happened because of your diligence in the matter. After weeks of not receiving the correct part for our old frig., you were able to arrange this. It is rare to find people like you in the service business. We appreciate your support and will continue to refer you to all our friends and neighbors.”
Marci P. & Eric S.

“Dear Bob, We first called 1800 Appliance to repair our Kitchenaid dishwasher that wasn’t working. A technician came out and took the machine apart, telling us we need a new motor and pump assembly. When he came back, he had the wrong part, and left the machine apart in our kitchen, telling us he would be back soon with the correct part. That was the last we heard of him. Out of desperation to do something, we found you. You came out the next day and found nothing wrong with the motor other than a stuck seal that you fixed in 30 seconds! Not only did you save us $490, but you got the machine together and we are back up sooner than we ever expected. Thank you, Thank you!”
Laura & Jim D.
San Elijo Hills


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