Washer Floods the Laundry

A washing machine takes a very long time to fill. Seems the water is only trickling in… The water flow has been restricted at the fill valves right at the inlet where the screens are located. The owner calls a Mr Appliance Hack Fixit Guy.

He opens the water inlet valve in back of the washer. He sees the screens clogged with sediment and says, “Aha! I’ll just remove the screens– problem solved! Or is it?

Now, the screens are gone, the valves are exposed to sediment in the water getting inside the valve body– This happens, and its now likely the internal mechanism will get stuck in the open position and it can no longer shut off the flow of water into the washer.

And the washer floods.

So those inlet screens are there for a very good reason. Don’t remove them. It’s also a good idea to periodically exercise the shut off valves (at the wall) to be sure they can and will close when you need them to. See, over time an untouched valve can seize up due to lack of use. The valve becomes difficult or impossible to close without considerable force. If this happens to you, be very careful! Forcing a valve closed can break it open and then a REAL flood happens! It’s happened to me! Nowadays, if I see a shutoff valve that I cannot close easily, I stop right there. I let Mr. Customer know this has to be corrected first, before any repairs can be effected.
Its also a good idea to change those washer fill hoses about every 5 years or whenever you notice any rust of corrosion on the end fittings.

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