A Bosch washing machine won’t drain

A repeat customer called me out last week because she was having trouble with her Bosch front load washer.
Sometimes the machine wouldn’t drain. and she also wanted the door boot replaced because it was smelly and moldy.
Well changing the boot was no problem though you have to remove the entire front of the machine to get to it, and it takes about an hour to do.
But the drain problem perplexed me. While I was there, it was draining, so I thought a small article of clothing may have gotten blocked inside the pump innards.
But no, nothing blocking the pump.
I had the machine about half-way reassembled and I tried the pump…
By golly, It doesn’t drain now… What the heck is goin on here?
I got a mirror up inside the pump while energized and the impeller is spinning so it ought to be draining right?

a freewheeling impeller that does no good

I realized that although the impeller was turning it was not actually connected to the motor. The impeller mount was loose on the motor shaft and was only freewheeling because the motor was turning- but as soon as I put my finger on the impeller it stopped rotating. Sometimes the impeller shifted longitudinally and re-engaged to the motor, while other times it would shift back out again and stop draining. A bad pump for sure. So out to the service van, take down a new pump, installed and she’s happy again.

Oh and by the way, if you want to avoid a smelly, moldy door boot, just leave the door ajar after washing. It will air out, the moisture dissipates, and the spin bearing will last longer because it isn’t constantly exposed to moisture, Also an occasional bleach wash will help too!


Sometimes you have to think outside the box and expect the unexpected!

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