She thought it was just a minor leak

They were downsizing. My customer moved from Encinitas to Carlsbad into a smaller house. Easier to keep up, kids gone, time to contract a bit. The Whirlpool Duet Washer and Dryer were moved into the new place, and on the first use, she noticed some water beneath the machine. Not thinking too much of she passed it off as some water that must have spilled out when the machine was tipped in transit.
But a couple days later, another wash-load and this time she saw a lot of water on her floor and decided she needs my services.
Finding the source of leak wasn’t apparent at the outset, and I knew most of the water showed up while the unit was spinning and draining, so I focused my attention to those areas. When I saw water dripping from the bottom of the tub I feared she would be in for a major job. A cracked outer tub is almost not worth having the machine repaired. An expensive part(s) and at least 2+ hours to do. Fortunately for her, cracked tubs aren’t very common so I kept looking. And there it was.
First I noticed the drain hose abrasion pad was worn away on one side and looked even closer. There it was– the drain hose was worn through- by the concrete counter weights on the tub.
When these side loaders spin even with a relatively balanced load they will really gyrate about. Make it an unbalanced load and the machine might start walking round on the floor.
From the extent of the wear, it was evident that this condition had been existent for some time and the transit did not cause the problem. In my experience the hardest part of fixing anything is isolating the source of the problem. I believe it requires some detective skills, looking for clues to point out the way. Actually changing or fixing the parts is easy (relatively).
The longer I stay in this business the more experience I gain and the better I get. I really love my job!

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