Kitchenaid dishwasher door popping open

I got a call from one of my regular customers today.


Her Kitchenaid dishwasher door keeps popping open in the middle of a wash. Not the door dropping all the way down, no, just the door coming ajar and stopping the machine. This is such a common problem on these units I thought Id share it with you.


Now, this is the model that usually has the controls on the TOP of the door and there is no latch per say, just “push to close and pull to open”, kapish?

Well it seems that the door springs do weaken some after time as well as the springs that hold the latch closed, but you don’t have to change those assemblies.

No, there’s an easier fix. Just look at the top dish rack. See that plastic thing on the front with the word Kitchenaid on it? That’s the handhold, and its being there actually slightly increases the depth of the dish-rack so that when closed, that piece of plastic is actually pushing against the door. All you need to do is remove it, the clearance goes down and the door stays closed! EASY!

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