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  Testing a Water Fill Valve
Typical resistance anywhere from 200 to 900 ohms also examine the filter screen for obstructions.
Testing for Continuity
Full scale needle deflection = good. No needle movement = Open
Testing for Voltage
Typical house voltage will be anywhere from 110 to 122 vac.

Testing for Current
Often times an outlet will have the correct voltage, however due to corosion of wires or loose connections, current capability is diminished. Remember, current is what performs electrical work.
A Typical American House Outlet
The neutral outlet should always be the longer of the two slots.
Dirty Fill Valve Screens
This is common in the coastal communities. Our municipal water has a lot of crud in it.

Completely Clogged Screen
Fish it out with a pin or a pick. Don't bother to try cleaning them as they will be deformed when you remove them.

Flood About to Happen
Be sure to inspect your hoses AT LEAST every six months. Also shutting off water when unused will relieve pressure in the hoses.

Refrigerant Leak
What you see is a partial frosting of the evaporator. The remaining freon has absorbed all the heat it is capable of.


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