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For a timely response, please call the number in the upper right hand corner of our site, (858) 229-8753.  We principally serve the San Diego North Coastal area.

Contact us by direct E-Mail at: 

Before you call:
Please be sure you have the following information handy:

The Make, Model and Serial Number, and any other information (such as where the unit is located, or anything else helpful- the technician should be aware of before arriving)

Also, before we arrive, be sure to know where your house circuit breakers are located, and which breaker controls the appliance we will be working on. 

Also, we've been seeing some undercounter refrigeration units or dishwashers that are literally locked in place with flooring laid in front of the unit- preventing the tech from being able to slide the unit out
for service. Is YOUR'S like this?    


Inside the door, along the back / top of the console, rear edge of lid opening
Usually inside the door on the frame, sometimes back of console
Usually inside the door jamb on LH side,RH edge of door, top of the door jamb, F&P, between the drawers
Along the ceiling of the FF section, On the RH / LH liner of the freezer or fresh food wall, along the toe-kick behind the grille
Beneath the top, (lift top to look), along the LH or back wall of the burner recess, along the bottom of doors, (around the pots & pans storage drawer), behind the toe-kick, backside of the console
Between the oven cavities, behind a grille, along the bottom of door opening. on the bottom of the control panel, behind the control panel
Pop-Up vent:
Usually near where the supply voltage enters
Usually on the bottom of the unit, sometimes beneath a burner
Usually inside the control cabinet
AC (outside):
Usually on the outside of the unit, near the In / out plumbing and wires

Repair or Replace?
That's a question you might ask yourself when facing another appliance repair. Generally speaking, there are only a few events that would spell the end of your relationship with the old beast. A refrigerator with a bad compressor or leaking sealed system usually means get rid of it. Sometimes, recharging (or topping off) a system will keep it going for a while longer (often as much as a year or three). Just about all the other appliances in your home can be repaired continually for as long as you own them. You might want to think about replacement when the repair exceeds 1/2 the cost of getting a new one. Or if the appliance is getting older, you may repair it this one time but who knows how long till something else breaks down? (Its just like life after forty... from that point on it's all- patch, patch, patch.) Is the cabinet getting rusty? Those parts are generally harder to come by and cost more. Microwave units are getting so cheap, its hardly worth repairing them at all, but having a transformer failure would certianly end a relationship...

Feel free to contact us by e-mail, expressing questions or concerns you may have. Please use the form below.

For D-I-Y-ers (do-it-yourself-ers), feel free to contact us (by e-mail) about "how tos." We check e-mail submissions every day, and
respond as soon as possible.

We do not answer "How-To" questions over the phone. Please use this page, or our E-Mail address. (

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Monday thru Friday ... 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Saturdays: "Special circumstances" only

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5% discount for payment with CASH