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A Message From Bob Sankey
Owner of Coastal Appliance Heating & Air, Inc.

March 23rd, 2012

Hi! I'm Bob.

First of all, I was to express how pleased we are to announce that WE'VE BEEN GIVEN AN "A" RATING ON ANGIE'S LIST ! We consider this quite an accomplishment, and we want to make sure that we live up to our reputation and continue to provide the best service possible at the most reasonable prices.

Before opening Coastal Appliances, I contracted with Appliances Direct, Appliance-911, Econo Appliance Repair, & Floyd’s Appliance Repair, often times working for several concurrently.

Currently, I contract with Ferguson's Kitchen & Bath, Purcell Murray, Standards of Excellence (now defunct) , and Pacific Sales, tending to thier warranty issues. I also provide my services to several property management companies.

Before this, I was an inspector for the Cessna Aircraft Company, qualifying maintenance done on the "Citation" line of business jets.

Previously, I was an FAA Cert. Technician with PSA and later, USAir. If you ever traveled with them, there's a very good chance you rode aboard a plane I worked on.

Other past positions were 7 years in Research & Development, and Manufacturing Engineering Support (for a San Diego Communications company). I have degrees in Aviation, Electronics, and HVAC technology.

I built a sport-plane, which I completed in 1990.

Success isn't just a bottom line, but also by how satisfied you feel, (and how others feel about you) when a job is done right.

It's a great feeling when a past customer calls for another job, or refers us to a friend!

Yes, I'm a techie, so I love getting complex machines back in operating order. I'm good at this... I know it and I love doing it, and I do it well! And yes, you guessed it... I AM a wing nut.

I hope you'll allow me the opportunity to prove the value my business can be for you.

Robert Sankey
Owner, Coastal Appliance Heating & Air, Inc.