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A Message From Bob Sankey
Owner of Coastal Appliance Heating & Air, Inc.

Aug 1 2017


I know this has nothing to do with my business, but there is an event coming up that nobody should miss!

On Aug 21 2017, there will be a Solar eclipse which will cover approximately 65%, viewed from the San Diego area. About 11 am or so it will begin to occur. Look up to the heavens!

Hi. I’m Bob.

This is my company, an All-American Appliance Fixit Firm that’s been around since 2000. While it’s true we are small, many of our most valued clients prefer dealing with us because we’re about plain talk and common sense priced repairs. We also support the local economy whenever it’s possible.

We’re very sorry, but we do not sell parts.

A Great Big Shout-out “Thank you!” for the kind words from clients on Angie’s List, Yelp, Yahoo places and on and yada yada yada. You really can’t rest today. Not in this world. Not how it used to be.
They say: “Hire a guy that loves what he does and you’ll both be happy.”
Fact is, I like doing this. You know, showing off that typical guy type “I can fix anything” bravado, and impressing them with my accumulated resources of fixit knowledge.
Ok, Ok. Levity aside for a moment- Really. Honestly. It is my Genuine desire to help you get across those bumpy roads in life that make up your day to day living. I like doing this stuff. You got my word I’ll do my best to get you back to “everything’s clicking along” again. Fix it or Dump It? We can help you make the decision. And you know, most folks are surprised at how much Just A Little Preventive Maintenance can go- in saving bucks BEFORE things break. I offer up this information freely. Got Questions? I’ll try to answer them! But tech questions–please use E-mail only.
So how much to get an appliance tech out?
I am not cheap. I’m an NOT outrageous either. I think you’ll find Coastal’s rates just a bit above where the average falls.

Before getting this thing going, I did contract work with Appliances (now defunct) Direct, Appliance-911 (also gone), Econo Appliance (doing well), & Floyd’s Appliance, often times working for several concurrently. Floyd is retired now living the good life in God’s great Northwest territory. Floyd was my mentor. Thank you Floyd. Bless you.

Currently, I do work for Ferguson’s Kitchen & Bath, Purcell Murray, (now defunct) Standards of Excellence, and Pacific Sales, tending to their customer satisfaction demands. I also provide my services to several property management companies. These people shop for value AND price. Believe me…

Before opening Coastal Appliance, I was an inspector for the Cessna Aircraft Company, certifying maintenance done on the Citation line of business jets in Long Beach (LGB). That’s just a fancy way of saying I checked to see if all the nuts and bolts were there and everything was plugged in.

Before that, I was an FAA Cert. Aircraft Tech. (A&P) with PSA and later, US Air. If you ever traveled with them, there’s a very good chance you rode aboard a plane I worked on. Doesn’t that make you feel comfy? Before that I worked for a few small aircraft maintenance stations. Small town airports are nice places to hang out. The pace was relaxed, but the pay was always low. I do miss the roar of jet engines and the excitement of flight and everything about it, but I DEFINITELY Don’t miss those cold winter nights in an open hanger on a C-Check crew doing yet another 737 at 2 in the morning. I’m very happy to be doing what I’m doing now, thank you.

Other past positions were 7 years in Research & Development, and Manufacturing Engineering Support (for a San Diego Communications company). I have degrees in Aviation, Electronics, and HVAC Technology.

I built a sport-plane, which I completed in 1990. It is currently awaiting a re-covering project nestled safely until then, in my garage.

This is my take on things: Success isn’t about making lots of money. It’s also about enjoying a warm sunny afternoon, and saying hello to people that you see each day spending a little time with them, just to let them know that they’re there. We have Just One Life to live. Try to make the most of each day- so you can rest your head at night knowing that you gave 99% and you’ll sleep soundly tonight. God bless.

What a rush it is when a past customer calls for another job, or better yet, Even Refers us to a Friend! Lordy, Lordy, we love it when that happens!

Yes, I’m a techie. I admit it proudly. I like getting inside complex machines, finding out what makes them tick and Fixing Them. I can’t tell you how good that feels! I think I’m adept at this… And you may have guess by now .. I am a “wing” nut.

So next time it goes KA-Fritz!, Remember us. We’re Coastal, and let us show you why so many repeat clients call again! We’ll show you what a good repairman is worth.

That’s about it. Thanks for being here.

Robert J. Sankey

Owner of Coastal Appliance
Heating & Air, Inc.


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