A new wash pump motor goes into a Bosch Dishwasher

Bosch makes wonderfully strong and reliable appliances, however all machines do eventually break down, and when a Bosch Dishwasher main circulation pump fails it’s a major job. In this video, the motor’s bearings are worn out and binding, not allowing the motor to spin. The customer said that the wash load wasn’t getting clean and he felt sure the detergent dispenser wasn’t opening. I quickly discovered otherwise.
Getting to that motor is an unpleasant task that requires about 2 hours to accomplish. The machine must be taken out of its cabinet space, inverted and then disassembled. It’s a straightforward task really, but there’s a lot of stuff to remove before getting to the motor. BTW, the motor bearings are not replaceable. Well, OK yes they are, but it involves taking the motor to a machine shop, disassembling it, pressing out the old bearings and then pressing in the new ones (if you can find them). All this is an expenditure of time and money and the cost of a new motor from Bosch isn’t all that bad anyway.

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