A Kitchenaid Gas Cooktop not lighting well

As it is with just about all gas cooktops, the most common problem is difficulty in lighting. There are two types of ignition systems; Manual, and Auto-Relight. Manual is by far the more reliable of the two. Auto relight problems often stem from dirty cooktops, moisture from spill-overs, deteriorating sparking electrodes and faulty burner switches. This unit has manual relight and had problems with cracked electrodes and loose electrical connections. Once the unit is opened up the insides are all quite similar. It can sometimes be challenging to figure out how to open them up though since the manufacturers place their fasteners in different locations and occasionally the glass portion has to be pried up very carefully to avoid breaking it. While inside the unit, I always check the security of the screws holding the gas valves together, as they tend to back out over time. Once finished, I’ll check the burners lighting and look at the flame to be sure the fuel to air mixture is correct (about 1 to 16), evidenced by a clean blue flame all around with slight yellow tipping.

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