A Duet Washer that wont start

Hi all!

Well a couple days ago I went out to a lady’s house in Carlsbad that had a Duet Side Load Washer. She said she thinks the door lock was broken- cause every time she tried to start it all she could hear was a faint clicking coming from the vicinity of the door lock. Usually the problem will announce itself with an “F DL” error code.

Over the phone I assured her that door lock assemblies just don’t go bad all that often, and the problem was probably somewhere else.

Well, about 20 minutes later (it was a slow day) I arrived and popped open the lid to look around. Everything seemed to be in place so the next thing I did is what I usually do in such circumstances– started wiggling the wiring connectors around. Sure enough, the machine snapped back to attention and was ready to go.

Just to be sure, I removed and re-secured every connecter to the Master Control Unit (MCU), popped the lid back on and gave the lady back her washer in the middle of a pile of dirty clothes.

She was very happy and even had nice things to say about us on Yelp.

So in conclusion, Side load washer door lock conditions are common. Don’t condemn a part right away. Check those wiring connectors first!

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