A changeout timer on a typical dryer

We Replace the Timer on a Basic Admiral Gas Dryer

Mechanical timers are pretty reliable devices, especially on dryers. Most of the time, dryer problems stem from the heat source not coming on, as in this case. However what made this particular job unusual from the rest was that the burner components were all functioning normally. The burner wasn’t getting power. So basic troubleshooting skill says follow the voltage (or lack thereof) until you find the change in voltage status. At that point you most likely have found the source of the problem. Actually the faulty timer threw me for a loop because timer failures are so rare. I was suspecting poor airflow tripping an over temp sensor or perhaps more likely (which I see often), burner coils wearing out. The only thing that caused me to discount those ideas was the fact that there was never any voltage getting to the burner in the first place. So I knew the problem was not about any of the burner components. It had to something else…

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