A Hi- End DCS oven that’s not heating

Although DCS makes nothing but the very best in terms of quality and longevity, some parts are bound to fail no matter what as use continues on. Such is the case of this oven igniter. It’s kind of funny that a gas heated oven must still be drawing electricity (about 3 amps) in order to work. Ok, a full fledged Electrically heated oven is going to draw more than that (somewhere around 15 or so amps) but still a gas oven should require nothing more to operate right? Doesn’t that seem fair?
Well I’m getting off track again. Your igniter is probably made by a company named Norton. They make ignition devices for all the different manufacturers. So, When you push current through an igniter it gets hot, glows red hot and if gas is present- lights it off. Now I hear this one all the time… “The igniter is glowing red hot but the oven won’t light!” That’s right. You see, that igniter is wired in series with a gas safety valve. This safety valve is a current operated device. That means the electrical current must rise to a certain threshold before the valve will open. In many cases that current threshold is about 3.0 amps but it varies from one igniter to another. So when I come out to see why your oven won’t light, the first thing I’ll do is determine that the igniter is getting voltage. Then I’ll put a clamp-ampmeter on one of its leads to see what kind of current it draws. If that current rate is lower than what I expect to see, I immediately suspect that the igniter has worn out and needs to be replaced. Yes, even though its glowing red hot! A well functioning igniter usually takes about 30-40 seconds to make the safety valve open.
Hope this helps. That’s why we’re here!

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