A dirty Duet dryer that won’t heat

Would you ever let your dryer get this dirty? Gee I sure hope not. The reason that this dryer in our video was not heating anymore was because of a blown Thermal Fuse. This fuse is an over temp protective device that usually trips when it gets too hot inside the dryer.
The dryer in our video had actually caught fire at least once and fortunately the fire was not able to sustain itself.
Last year, 27% of all house fires began in the laundry room because of a dirty dryer. I have personally seen a dryer after it began to burn. It’s a sight I won’t soon forget, and it firms my resolve to never let it happen in my home!

The cause of the over temp is generally because of POOR AIRFLOW caused by excessive lint buildup throughout the entire system, including the house vent. The lint clogs the vents much like clogged arteries, slowing down flow.
When heated air passing through the dryer moves along slower, more of the heat is absorbed by the machine, warming it up. Eventually, the heat rises to where the thermal fuse, usually set to open at somewhere around 190 degrees, goes open circuit and, no more burner heat. The burner circuit gets shut down.

Cleaning the dryer usually involves opening it up to a large degree, followed by a complete brush out which typically lasts thereafter for about 2-5 years, depending of course on how often it gets run. Busy moms with a handful of kids might expect to need a cleaning every 2 years.

And don’t forget the house vent. Often, that’s the part of the system with the worst accumulations. The very worst vent installations are those where the dryer is centrally located inside the house, with a long vent run to the outside, and more than 2 right angle turns that end up exiting on the roof. The best vent of course is a dryer set against an external wall and venting a scant 3-6 feet from the machine.
The do-it-yourselfers can buy a bristle brush on a 10 foot long coiled wire snake to brush out the house vent, so long as there aren’t too many turns in the system. Clean it out from both the inside and outside.

We offer this service to our customers and many have us on their calenders to come out routinely to care for dryer and refrigeration periodic cleanings.
More longer vents that involve multiple turns will require the expertise of a dryer vent cleaning company. You will fine the link to one on our links page.
And one more word of advice, its a GOOD IDEA having a FIRE EXTINQUISHER attached to the wall in your laundry room and kitchen too!
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