A kitchen aid refrigerator control module swap out

This job took about 2 hours. Because its a big built-in unit it required a lot of effort to get it from the cabinetry. Sometimes when the floor is uneven (tiles, terra-cotta, stone, etc) The refrigerator can be nearly impossible to extract. I have turned down some jobs exactly because of this. Extracting the box is the most effort-some part of the task, second only to getting the box back IN.
As the video shows, its just routine from that point on till you get to the controller module. Now this is the part that makes no sense to me.
The module is No Longer Available.
That’s right, Kitchen-aid isn’t making the module any more. That leaves you with two choices; go out and buy another ref, of have your module repaired. The company that does this kind of repair is Core-Centric. They are a re-manufacturing facility that repairs boards to refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, air conditioners and medical devices.
They are located in Illinois, and their website is corecentric.com. Phone is 866-737-2244.
If you want to use them, I advise that you call first to see if they do repairs on your particular board. Have your Make, Model, Serial Number and if possible, the part number for the part. Repairs seem to average about $125. Turn-around is generally 10 business days. The advantage of their service is that when the board is returned it will be Better Than New. This is because the manufacturers of your board sub out the work to assembly houses that bid the lowest price right? They will use CHEAP LABOR and in many cases cheap parts, Core Centric uses only the best components available and the boards are repaired BY HAND.
When you get your re-built board back, its a good idea to use the anti-static strap that they will ship along with your board. You wear it on your wrist and then attach the other end to any GROUNDED surface. A spark from static electricity can easily wipe out the IC’s on the boards. And always handle the boards from the edges only!
So you’re board is back in place, you power it up while the box is still out of the cabinet to make sure all is right and then you can proceed to close it up and back in place. Sounds easy huh?
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