Dryer taking forever to dry clothes

Ok, here’s the scenario…
You have a dryer, gas or electric, doesn’t matter… You put your clothes inside- start the machine and yet, it takes 2-3 or more cycles to dry the clothes. YIKES! Something’s wrong!
So you call the service guy and he asks if the dryer is warm inside. You answer yes.
Ok, then. Based on that answer, the likelihood of the dryer being faulty is low.

The probable cause is POOR AIRFLOW through the machine. Now, it could be a worn out blower wheel, but you would have heard a rumbling sound if that were true. It could also be a high limit thermostat that’s tripping, resets, then trips again after a couple minutes. This is directly related to what I’m leading up to…
The high likely cause is that your house dryer vent is clogged up with a lot of lint, choking off airflow.
I see this time and again.
This problem is especially prevalent in houses where the dryer is located centrally in the house and the vent has a long way to the outside, or the vent exits on the roof (lots of the newer homes), excessive twists and turns in the vent… I think you get the idea….
So you probably need to have the vent cleaned out. If the distance is short and has few or no turns, you can probably do this yourself. If not, you need a company that specializes in this sort of thing. Go to our LINKS page to contact Dryer Vent Wizard.
Here’s a quick, temporary way to verify if this is what’s happening to you… Disconnect the vent hose at the back of the dryer and allow it to exhaust into the laundry area (remember, it’s just a test…), run the dryer as usual and if the drying time significantly improves, there’s your problem! (more…)

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