Summer refrigeration tips

Well friends, Summer is almost here and for some of us things are going to heat up again, so its time to make sure our refrigeration units will be up to the job. So here are some tips on getting most cooling for the least expense.


Just remember that if it cools, it has to reject heat somewhere through a condenser coil. Most condensers are just a series of copper or steel tubular passes through a heat exchanger. In many cases a fan is positioned to force air movement through the condenser to help carry away the heat. If there is no airflow through the condenser, there will be little or no heat exchange taking place and the refrigeration unit will warm up. It’s really that simple. So at least once a year it’s advisable to clean the condenser coils out. Get that dust, lint, animal hair, etc- cleaned away so that air will flow through it. A cheap 3 dollar coil cleaning brush can be obtained at just about any home fixit store. And the best time of year to do this is just before things start getting hot outside.


Make sure the door seals are in good condition (no gaps in the seals) and the lower edges get washed with warm soapy water every now and then.


And as long as I’m talking about clean condensers, its worth mentioning that dedicated free-standing freezers often have their condenser coil foamed into the box’s sides and tops. That’s why you may feel the sides of the box are warm. So you should not ever put things against the sides or on top of your freezer. The condenser needs some open space around it to effectively reject heat.


If you have any questions about your refrigerator or freezer, feel free to post your questions here on our blog page or call us at 858 229 8753.

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